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Please read carefully the information below and fill out the provided form if you are interested in photographing or filming the event with a professional camera, streaming or broadcasting the event, or if you are a media representative.


Photography with professional cameras (cameras with interchangeable lenses or focal lengths over 50mm) is prohibited without permission.


You can purchase a media pass to access the area without a spectator ticket. The pass permits photography solely for the designated purpose. For instance, you can only access the competition field when your specified athlete or brand is present. These photos/videos can be used for the specified athlete’s or brand’s promotional purposes.


Spectators or participants may not broadcast or stream digital recordings for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Turku Tuomiopäivä in each case.


Drone Policy: The use of any unmanned aerial vehicle/flight system, and remotely piloted or radio-controlled flying devices (motorized or not) of all types (collectively, "drones") is prohibited at all times.


If you are interested in the media pass, streaming/broadcasting the event or if you're a media representative, please fill out the form by clicking the button below.

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