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How did it all start and who is behind Turku Tuomiopäivä? How is Jonne Koski related to Turku Tuomiopäivä? Find out below.



Turku Tuomiopäivä, the brainchild of Meri Kylänpää and Aino Lepistö, first sparked into existence during a casual spectator moment at a sports event. This dynamic duo envisioned transforming the spectator experience into something vibrant, mirroring the energy of a summer festival. Fast forward, and their dream has sculpted Finland's premier licensed CrossFit competition, celebrated for its festive spirit and community engagement since 2019!

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Central to the event's ethos is the involvement of Jonne Koski, an internationally renowned athlete with nine CrossFit Games appearances. His engagement was first discussed at the afterparty of another CrossFit competition, marking the beginning of a rewarding collaboration. Jonne crafts the competition's interesting events, bringing a touch of elite athleticism and credibility right from the festival's inception. This strategic move helped Turun Tuomiopäivä establish a distinctive presence in the competitive landscape from the very start.​



Driven by passion and a commitment to continuous improvement, the team behind Turku Tuomiopäivä works tirelessly to elevate every aspect of the festival. With Meri, Aino, and their expanding team of professionals at the helm, each year brings innovative enhancements that captivate an ever-growing audience. This dedication ensures a blend of top-tier competition and festival vibes, attracting spectators and competitors from across the globe. Join us in Turku to witness this dynamic fusion of sport and festivity — an event that continues to evolve and inspire year after year.

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